Special Modifications for Linux

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Download from Github

Whether Your new to linux, or just distro hopping, this bash script can make the setup process a bit easier.

This script will set up your distro form enabling the firewall, to adding performance upgrades you would generally find on YouTube. It also fixes a variety of potential issues, and will make sure you have some common apps installed such as gparted.

Simply download and extract the zip, then inside the folder, run the “” file in a terminal.

This mainly runs the basic command setup that you may often find recommended on YouTube. It also includes some performance improvements, and also sets up clamAV to run a malware scan on any file when downloaded to your home directory. ClamAV will also have a daily cron job to scan the entire root directory at night. In addition to performance upgraded, there are also improvements to startup performance by disabling useless things such as dial up internet.

This module can also optionally install WINE. It also includes an optional install of ICE (from peppermintOS).