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Easily Embed Dynamic Lazy Loading Youtube Videos, Facebook Pages, PDFs, Images, etc. Simply By Pasting The Url.

This plugin does most of the work client side, and waits for the page to finish loading so embeds do not slow down your site.

Shortcodes are not needed (but are available), just add a clickable link to the youtube video, and the plugin will find all the and links, and replace them with an embed.

You know how sites like facebook and discord let you paste a youtube url, and an embed of the video shows up?

This plugin works kind of like that, while also working with playlists, live streams, channels, youtube search, etc.

YouTube has an organized url system, and this plugin recognizes it.

Every youtube playlist id starts with PL, and youtube uses many other consistent url methods like this.

This plugin is Not limited to WordPress. You can embed it directly into your site as a JavaScript CDN.

See plugin on GitHub