Reduce Gmail Spam And Ads

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Are you tired of spam emails? These gmail filters can help.

Now that I think of it, that was probably a pointless question. If you found this, you likely googled it because you were tired of spam emails. Who wants spam?

If you noticed, that heading almost sounds like a spammy text, with the way its worded. In fact, a lot of gmail spam actually follows a common pattern in the subject, which is something we can use to detect and filter it.

I recommend filtering these to

  • skip the inbox
  • never mark it as important
  • categorize as: promotions

Here are some keywords you can add to a gmail filter, in the Subject to reduce spam messages.

You can also add a filter for emails that have the word unsubscribe in them, however this can sometimes produce false positives.

What About Other False Positives. You may still need to view an email that was accidentally marked as spam.

For this, you may also want to apply a label to your detected spam. You may want to apply the same label to (category:promotions OR category:social) and include that as well.

You can clean up this label, by adding another filter. If an email is filtered as a possible ad, and is larger than 125KB (larger:125K), it may even more likely be spam, and you can filter this to another label, so you know you don’t have to look as closely at these emails.